What makes Wave5 different?

At Wave5, they believe that everything starts with a good culture! They work hard to maintain their culture and improve it when necessary. They achieve this goal by giving everyone the space to think and share their ideas. Together, they create a culture that they can be proud of!

Wave5 Values:

Growth is the main theme of Wave5. In fact, everything they do is based on it. Growth is a broad concept that means they want to grow as a company, help their customers grow, and help their employees grow.

Fun is an important value at Wave5. When you enjoy your work, you gain more energy from your tasks, become more productive, and experience less stress. And most importantly, it’s much more fun to work with people who are enjoying themselves. We do everything in our power to ensure that you always enjoy your work.

Professionalism. For this theme, the following question is important: ‘What can you already do, and what do you still want to learn?’ Competencies that you have gained in previous education and work experience are of course important/useful, but what is just as important to them is your capacity to become even better. That’s why they’ll look at exactly where your talents lie and where you can still grow. This way, you can further develop yourself and together they’ll ensure that they always deliver the highest quality to their customers. After all, they strive to be and remain the best in our field!

Independence. They work together a lot at Wave5, on various projects. But they also give their employees a lot of freedom to fill in their work in a way that suits them. If you want to work in a different place or at a different time, that’s no problem. Even working from abroad is an option with them. Of course, with that freedom comes a certain responsibility. As long as they can trust the quality of your work, you can decide for yourself how and where you want to work.

Entrepreneurship. Initiative is rewarded. Enterprising people always make the difference. When they see opportunities, they dare to take them and take action. Mistakes are learned from and successes are celebrated. And for that your input is also important. They always take ideas from their employees seriously and therefore encourage you to share them. They are all responsible for the success of Wave5.