What makes QS Solutions different?

At QS Solutions, their focus is on enabling efficient and secure work environments. With their step process, they consistently enhance the cyber resilience of organizations, ensuring secure and productive workflows for employees, regardless of their location or device.

To achieve this, they leverage Microsoft technology that may already be present within your organization, even if it remains untapped or under utilized. Through intelligent software modifications, they optimize your digital workplace for improved user adoption, enhancing both security and usability.

Their approach involves identifying vulnerabilities and creating a clear roadmap for continious collaboration, aimed at improving your organization’s cyber resilience and productivity.

Security, usability, and efficiency are their core strengths.

“With the collaboration and commitment of my team, we are truly colleagues at a distance. This has led in outstanding value for money powered by iDeaLogic.”

Tom Brand - QS Solutions

Tom Brand

QS Solutions

Case Study

With the constant need for safe(ty) solutions, QS Solutions was searching for a high quality software development team to accelerate its product development with the emphasis on scaling up and down when needed. As on their home market prices soared by scarcity, it made QS Solutions in search for a trusted technology partner who could help continue and accelerate their technology innovations.

About QS Solutions:

Working efficiently in a safe manner. At QS solutions, that has been their mission for over 20 years. As a Microsoft partner, they work to improve the cyber resilience of data and systems, and ensure that employees work as safely and productively as possible, regardless of their location or device.

They also know that technology doesn’t stand still. That is why they continue to monitor and improve your safety through their unique approach, smart work agreements and innovative tools. This way they can always raise the alarm before it is too late.

Therefore, QS solutions required highly skilled software engineers who were able to adapt and follow the pace of change, to join its development center in Vietnam. Their team is fully equipped to be able to adapt immediately to a fast-paced global environment. We have utilized our reliable and extensive talent pool to onboard their development team in a matter of weeks and the majority of this team has become extended colleagues.

- The Vietnam development team has been working closely with the product teams of QS Solutions in the Netherlands.
- QS Solutions is applying a continuous deployment approach that allows daily product updates. The Vietnam development teams thus apply a fast-paced development approach to quickly adapt to the current workflow of QS Solutions and be able to immediately react to end-user feedback.
- The Vietnam development centre has a Scrum team consisting of the following roles: Product Owner, Tech Lead, Fullstack Developers and QA Engineers.
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