What makes Mondia Digital different?

Mondia Digital empowers global business brands to digitally engage with their customers through premium entertainment solutions offering enhanced speed-to-market, scalability, and continuous innovation. Mondia Digital’s content-as-a-service solution is powerful, customizable, and scalable, creating personalized digital experiences for end-users through its content-agnostic platforms.

Mondia Digital manages the full end-user journey, from promotion to acquisition, engagement, re-engagement, and billing, to guarantee the maximum level of user engagement and customer satisfaction.

Mondia Digital is a product-centric and data-driven company with a focus on opportunities in the B2B segment.

30M users

Delivering premium digital content to over 30M users worldwide.

Innovative content

Innovative content-as-a-service approach.

Business opportunities

Focus on Business-to-Business opportunities through our white-label product portfolio.

Content library

A content library with over 80M content items, with 30K new items ingested every day

Lifecycle management

Full lifecycle management from user acquisition to usage-driven engagement.

Powerful reporting

Powerful reporting and analytics enabling a data- driven approach.