What makes HRLocker different?

At HRLocker their goal is to make life and work easier for both employers and employees.

They always have been mindful of their humble beginnings and their reasons for coming to Lahinch. A work-life balance is strongly emphasized and members of their team are encouraged to take up to two hours of “surf time” per week.

Just as HRLocker allows you to automate tasks and free-up time, the team there enjoy focused work and the benefits quality leisure adds to their levels of creativity and perspective. Their journey began in 2004 when their CEO, Adam Coleman, returned home to Ireland. As an avid surfer, Adam found himself drawn to Lahinch, the surf capital of Ireland. Choosing to put lifestyle first, he set up his own HR Consultancy.

To an organization’s success, it is viatal a great employee experience. Everything is connected! Growth, employee retention and customer loyalty wouldn’t be possible without the right people, their experience and satisfaction.

At HRLocker their business and personal success is measured through their company principles. They make these principles public to their clients, partners, co-workers, and everyone who is part of the HRLocker ecosystem.

They recruit, act, manage, perform and reward against these principles. This helps them govern their open transparent meritocracy at HRLocker. These Principles are used in selecting, managing, and rewarding employees, managers, shareholders, customers and any partner individual or organization involved in the HRLocker ecosystem.